• Supplies first-rate Platform Trolleys
  • Exports the latest Ladder Trolleys
  • Guarantee for reliability, durability and safety


It is a material transfer trolley with a first of its kind machine in the National Capital Region of Delhi. The complete designing of the system has been done in-house.

  • Eco-friendly machine. Runs on battery.
  • In-house research to increase the capacity to 100 Ton.
  • Has complete drivers comfort – a revolving chair, fan, exhaust fan, lights etc. For night travel, it has head lights and alarm.
  • Load travelling capacity of 25 Ton
  • Runs on rail track.
  • Has one cabin each on both sides ( Cabin A & Cabin B )
  • Complete battery bank. Has 68 batteries with Uniterrupted Power Supply (UPS).Has full load capacity of 15 hours. Charging time of 5 hours.
  • Import subsitute for Defence.Carries use in transporting bomb, shells etc.
  • Finds application in steels, mines industries and any type of industry which need load transfer without expensive power usage.
  • In-house research to increase the capacity to 100 Ton.
  • In future, the system will be feature rich with airconditioned cabin.
  • Won award for Innovation & Creativity in Industry for the year 2006.