Despite the present downturn in the material handling equipment industry owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, the business is projected to recover quickly with new warehousing practices that promote safer handling.

For the past several years, India’s warehousing operations have been propelled by the rising organized retail industry and the post-GST realignment in logistics operations. With an increase in the number of warehouse facilities, demand for material handling equipment such as pallet trucks, forklifts, and lift trucks has increased. Larger warehouses and logistics operations will necessitate more sophisticated storage and handling solutions, which will increase demand for material handling equipment.

Demand drivers

The growth of warehouse infrastructure throughout the country’s key logistical centers has altered the country’s warehousing and material handling equipment possibilities. More handling solutions and advanced automated handling methods have been introduced into the nation because of the growth of organized global retail giants in the country. Simultaneously, more battery-operated, and environmentally friendly handling equipment is being launched in important services categories such as medicines.

Technology trends

The transition of goods and technologies in handling equipment has occurred as a result of the development of new warehouses and the modernization of existing warehouses. Handling of items such as pharmaceuticals will also need the use of environmentally friendly equipment such as battery-powered forklifts and lift trucks. “As we go toward large-capacity warehouses, automated and smart warehouses become increasingly important for effective operations,” Gupta adds. Future smart warehouses are anticipated to be built on non-polluting, energy-efficient material handling technology, thanks to increased environmental awareness, compliance, and government pushes for green and clean energy.

“As warehouses became larger and higher, more equipment was required, such as large capacity reach JIB Cranes, lifting equipment, freight elevators, and so on,” says Yogi Nagpal, Managing Director, Light Lift India Pvt Ltd.

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